Who We Are

50+ Years Experience

Family owned and operated company offering the most affordable automobiles around.

Customers Are #1

Personal care and respect to each customer every step of the way ensuring a car buying experience that does not end when you drive away (in your new car).

First Stop, Car Shop!

Rest assured in knowing that our staff are determined to meet your vehicle needs with consistent quality and superior service.

 Our Story

Our Story

Cars have been a part of the family since Carol Moye was a toddler. Growing up on the family's car lot in Pensacola, she learned much about the industry and the value of selling quality vehicles. Marcus Sr. Moye spent a number of years polishing his knowledge of the car industry. Together, they work hard to provide customers with reliable vehicles at a reasonable price. Come in today to see how they can help you!

Questions? Feel free to contact us at (850)479-2411.